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Step into the new year, organized & in control with Beauty Maven, Ming Lee’s, Diary of a Hustler 12 Month must-have personal organizer! This boss babe planner can accommodate all of your daily to-dos, appointments and events while offering an at-glance view of the year and each individual month! Filled with daily mantras and affirmations, this planner offers you positive reinforcements to keep you focused and on track with your daily and yearly goals! Hustle hard, and take control of your dreams and aspirations one day at a time!

The Best Marketer Wins by lifestyle and beauty expert Ming Lee is power-packed with vital information for every person striving to become the best marketer in their elective fields. Ming has shared her personal experiences and things she has learned along the way. This short business guide comes equipped with questions, goals, and affirmations. In "The Best Marketer Wins" be prepared to relaunch your business and brand, the guide includes break downs in areas such as customer service, working smarter and not harder and most importantly, marketing.